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Catalan design products and objects

NHR Clock

NHR Clock

With a timeless aesthetic is the combination of the unique texture of maple wood, handmade paper and metal indicator. Together they create a unique design that captivates seen from any point of view, in addition to being extremely pleasant to the touch. For the first time, time is perceived as a relaxing element, offering an escape from routine and stress
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The Memory of Objects
A small tribute to the everyday objects that are part of our history and that we believe deserve to be remembered, claimed and elevated to the category of design objects, such as the porron, the siphon and the mortar.
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The Memory of Objects

Find the ideal bag or backpack for every occasion.

Exclusive jewelry designed and handcrafted to make special occasions shine.

Home and office
Design objects focused on giving you stylish solutions at home and in the office.
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Dress your table in quality and design with our wines, spirits and gastronomic accessories.