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Farcell bucket

Bucket made of waterproof black nylon fabric and waterproofed farcell fabric. Reversible.
Ideal for rainy days.

Small size: 54-57 cm.
Medium size: 56-58 cm.

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Bundles scarf design, made of brown and black boxes, virtually unchanged over time, has become in the last century in the most vivid and endearing symbol of Catalan folk life. Thus, when the business is encouraged in the markets, when the population had to move between the inhabited areas and the countryside, where the figures of dealers and errand people were relatives in towns and cities..., bundles scarfs adopted as the most practical way of wrapping and transporting all kinds of rags and small packages. Its both ends tied system facilitated the package could be loaded directly on a back, on a stick or just at hand. The neutral colours and its heavy-duty cotton did it adaptable to all needs and extraordinarily durable.

Today, when life systems and trade relations have changed so dramatically, the recovery of this type of tissue in all kinds of garments application gets married modern functionality with the taste of the good traditions.

Products Made in Cire are manufactured by inmates of prisons of Catalonia.

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Smart briefcase made of cloth to make bundles to bring your computer and documents of work.
Interior reinforced foam pocket and zipper pocket. Black cotton handles with leather finishes and details.

Measures: 41 x 38 x 10 cm.

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Neckerchief El Farcellet with the design of the original and tubular-shaped farcell scarf. Functional, elegant and sustainable.

Available in 9 different colors.

Measures: 80x65 cm.

Composition: 100% bamboo.
Dog harness made with high quality nylon webbing, very resistant and pleasant to the touch, and 2 and 3 cm thick farcell fabric. Plastic closures and brass rings. Includes strap.

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Wooden bow ties combined with Mr. Pajaritus print fabric to fly high, handcrafted in La Garrotxa with natural wood of different shades and different prints. Available in 3 prits and 3 sizes. Choose yours!

Large (12cm) + Rubber (adults)

Medium (10cm) + Rubber (children)

Small (8cm) + Clip.

Toilet bag made of resinated cloth to make bundles. Interior lined with plasticized cloth to make bundles that makes it waterproof.
Zipper nd cotton rope. Ideal for going to the beach because it is resistant to sun and water.

Measures: 37 x 22 x 9 cm.

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Farcell socks. Knitted socks inspired by the Catalan bale handkerchief. Design and tradition now also for your feet.

Materials: 80% Cotton 15% Polyamide 3% Elastodiene 2% Elastane
One size.
Mocador de sarró Farcell neck scarf Mocador de sarró
Limited special offer
€19.00 €29.00
Neck scarf elaborated with Catalan fabric to make bundles, available in two models.

100% cotton. Rinse with cold water. By hand or machine. You can iron.

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Reading cushion ideal for holding printed books, e-book readers and electronic reading tablets.

Handmade cotton fabric
and filled with porexpan beads with four rubber combinable bands to suit any element that has to hold and give consistency to tough it out for yourself with the right inclination.

It is practical and easy to carry.
Caganer velvet plush and Catalan fabric of making bales.
The most Christmas Catalan tradition now made plush.

Filling 100% siliconized polyester fiber.  
Measures: height 22cm x width 10cm
White Farcell towel made from 100% American terry.
Smooth design with farcell border.
Weight: 350 g / m².

3 Measures to choose

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Small Farcell shoulder bag with black cotton handle. Plasticized interior.
Exterior open pocket with ribbon and carabiner to hang keys.

Zipper with metallic finishes and old gold.

Measures: 19 x 22 cm.
Lunchbox designed with plasticized bundle scarf fabric and interior Leda fabric, both to keep cold and heat.

With hand handle and adjustable shoulder strap 3 cm.

24 x 18 x 14 cm.
Capacity: 6 Liters.
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Tió teddy made of velvet and Catalan fabric to make bundles.
Catalan Christmas tradition now made as a teddy.

Filled 100% polyester silicone.  

Small: 16 cm. · Medium: 25 cm. · Large: 37 cm.
Transparent toilet bag and resinated cloth to make bundles which makes it completely waterproof.
Ideal for going to the beach / pool.
Made of heat treatment PVC

Measures: 32 x 18 x 4 cm.

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Farcell Mask kids Farcell Mask kids Farcell Mask kids
Limited special offer
€2.90 €8.90
Farcell Masks handcrafted from waterproofed cotton and triple-layer polyester farcell fabric, with ergonomic front seam and elastic bands for a comfortable fit.

One size.
Available in 2 colors.

Beach basket designed with resinate fabric for doing bales.
Catalan plasticized fabric inside and inside zip pocket. Cotton rope handles.

Measures: 43 x 32 x 13 cm.

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El Farcellet neck scarf with the original farcell scarf design. Functional, elegant and sustainable.

Available in 2 colors.
Measures: 175x80 cm.
Composition: 100% bamboo.
Shopping bag designed with fabric to make bundles and combined with burlap fabric.
Plastified inside.

Measures small: 33x 24 cm.
Measures big: 45x42 cm.

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BRAGA + BARRETINA. Bragatina is a textile product for shelter from cold which, as its name suggests, is the union of two known products: BRAGA (neckwarmer) as used today for its simplicity and versatility + BARRETINA so Catalan of all life, always linked to Catalonia's traditions and culture.

Bragatina, wear it on your head or on your neck!

Calendari de l'Ermità 2024 with more than 149 years of history where we will find the classic practical information, as now: astronomical information, daily calendar of sunrises and sunsets of the sun and the moon, beginning of the seasons, phases of the moon , major festivals, fairs and markets, among many others.

Geometrik bag in thick upholstery fabric with geometric pattern, lining interior 100% cotton. Inside pocket and closure by magnetized piece.

40cm wide x 36cm long x 10cm base.

58 cm long leather handles.

Geometrik handbag
bag also available.
The Calendari dels Pagesos is an almanac published in Catalonia since 1861. It is the current publication in the Catalan language that has been published continuously for more years, and includes information on lunations, eclipses, visibility of planets, saints, celebrations of fairs, markets and festivals elders in Catalonia and agricultural and livestock councils.
Includes wall calendar.
The Panot de Suro is a replica of the Panot Flor de Barcelona, ​​made of natural cork from Les Gavarres, in Gerona. Suitable for contact with hot surfaces, it can be used as a placemat, centerpiece or decorative element.
Designed and manufactured in Barcelona.

Scale: 1/1
Measures: 20 x 20 x 2,2 cm. Weight: 230 gr.

Panot de fusta also available.
The Tió socks. Design and tradition now also for your feet. Materials: 80% Cotton · 13% Polyamide · 7% Elastodiene

Available in 4 sizes:
XS (19-25) / S (25–32) / M (32–37) / L (38–44)

Design by Marta Altés.
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Bucket made of waterproof black nylon fabric and waterproofed farcell fabric. Reversible.
Ideal for rainy days.

Small size: 54-57 cm.
Medium size: 56-58 cm.

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